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StellaTech Solutions is a provider of staffing and consulting solutions for businesses in need of enterprise resource planning professionals.  We have been in the business for over thirty years.  Our strong knowledge base and long standing relationships have been the key reason why we are  able to help so many clients throughout the nation meet their business goals and objectives. 

StellaTech is fully staffed with the best recruiters in the nation.  We not only search for local talent, we also provide nationwide searches for the best, qualified contractors.  Our contractors have the knowledge and experience needed to meet the demands of the job and are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Stella First did an amazing job finding us the right talent
at the right time. Awesome service

John Smith, New York

How we Pick the Right Talent

We search nationwide for top talent.  Each professional representing StellaTech Solutions has been screened and vetted by us personally.  We seek the best of the best with top notch credentials.  Many have sought after certifications for their specific area of expertise.

Picking the right talent for the job is hugely dependent on the job requirements.  We know how important it is to understand your company needs.  We know that hiring a contractor takes a different kind of person than when hiring someone for a full-time position at a corporation.


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